Denomination of Origin

bizkaiko txakolina denominacion

Bizkaia, or Bizcay, is one of the constituent provinces of the Basque Autonomous Community. It is thus located in the North of the Spanish State and has an ample coastal area looking out on the Bay of Biscay.

It is an area characterized by heavy industrial and urban development in which agriculture has managed to hold its own thnaks to the efforts of a collective of farmers and stock breeders that have worked hard to hold to traditional crops and for recognition of their quality.

One of these peculiar and traditional products was - and is - a kind of wine, popularly kwnon as TXAKOLI or TXAKOLINA (Pronunced chah-ko-lee or chah-ko-lee-nyah)

Our Txakoli wine had a splendid past and had enormous social and economic importance. However, towards the end of the 19th century, there was a slow decline that eventually led to a whole different situation.

It was at the beggining of the 80´s when a group of wine producers formed the Txakoli Winemaker´s Assosiation (BIALTXA) and with some support from the local Basque administration (the Basque Government and the Biscay Provincial Government), the recovery of this exquisite and unique libation was begun.

The result of all this work and collaboration came about in 1994 with the denomination of origin entitled "Chacoli de Bizkaia - Bizkaiko Txakolina".

This denomitation of origin came about to let people know about this ancestral wine and to apreciate and protect this fruit of Athlanti winegrowing that features local varieties of grapes and the know-how of our farmers. (traditional cultivation of rural Bizkaia where txakoli is produced).